Senator Cynthia Lummis Defends Bitcoin Again, Says it “Cannot be Stopped”

When Senator Cynthia Lummis reiterated her belief in Bitcoin as an asset class, the advocacy for Bitcoin gained a bullish dimension.

The following is an interview with Hard Money host, Natalie Brunell, Senator Lummis boldly affirmed that Bitcoin “Can’t be stopped” after the host pointed out how a lot of people still do not understand crypto as a “Powerful Tool” that can change lives.

“I love that it can’t be stopped, especially because I’m concerned about our national debt, I’m concerned about inflation… We see things that are inflationary… It’s actually comforting to know that Bitcoin is there,” the senator said.

Senator Lummis has been a pioneer in digital currency awareness. She is a living example of her advocacy, having purchased her first Bitcoin in 2013 for $320. Her Bitcoin value grew to nearly $70,000 in November 2021. She was even more convinced that it is a good hedge against inflation.

Sen Lummis, a lawmaker confirmed that she had not sold any Bitcoins but has also acquired more in the last year. As Sen Lummis noted, her current focus is to study with other legislators to understand how the new asset works.

“As people learn more about Bitcoin and become comfortable and familiar with an asset that is online, they’ll begin to see it as … behind them, and they’ll have it for their long-term savings and long-term future.”

She was an advocate for Bitcoin, and the wider crypto community. As such, she was the brain behind the bipartisan compromise contained in the crypto clause of the Infrastructure Bill. It was passed last year. Her recent public comments on Bitcoin prove that she believes it. cryptocurrency This is a freedom-friendly currency.

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