ShareRing Rolls Out Skinny ID for Frictionless Blockchain-Based Digital Identity Solutions

ShareRing is a blockchain-based platform that offers digital identity solutions. Skinny ID is a frictionless and seamless onboarding process. 


According to the announcement:

“Introducing Skinny ID, ShareRing’s simplified sign-up process that removes friction on the onboarding journey and allows users to explore the ShareRing ecosystem without having to provide any government IDs.”

As a user-focused platform for blockchain, ShareRing It allows the storage, verification, sharing, and issuance of personal information as well as key documents. It was noted that:

“Previously, ShareRing’s initial onboarding journey added friction to users who were stepping into ShareRing for the first time, which went against our mission to enable frictionless access. It was a more extensive sign-up process that asked for at least one piece of government ID followed by a selfie scan using our face match technology.” 

ShareRing’s blockchain-powered platform also enables financial institutions to undertake processes more efficiently and faster based on its electronic know-your-customer (eKYC) product, which presents users with the flexibility to give data-sharing consent.

ShareRing has recently integrated the eKYC process and near-field communication technology (NFC), to make it more secure and reliable, reported. 

ShareRing previously launched a new website that was blockchain-enabled digital identities Web3 will usher in a new era, to address the problem of losing autonomy over personal data as experienced in Web2. 

ShareRing was founded to address this problem with its blockchain-enabled site.

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