Shopify Launches Blockchain Commerce Tools to Enhance User Experience

Shopify, an e-commerce platform that is crypto-friendly has launched a set of blockchain commerce tools to improve the customer experience for its Web3-focused businesses.

The improved functionality to connect crypto wallets and “tokengating” application programming interface (API), are particularly noteworthy. This latter feature was only available to a small number of retailers before it became early access beta access in June 2022.

Shopify merchants can now use tokengating to allow them to set up their business in a way that allows them to choose which tokenholders have exclusive items, NFT drops, or other benefits.

The application verifies a user’s eligibility using the associated wallet. It is being sold to NFT Merchants for a convenient way of rewarding certain customers or adding an element to exclusive items.

Shopify has merged its sign-in with Ethereum protocol (SIWE) with Shopify. It is run by the Ethereum name service (ENS), and the Ethereum foundation. Shopify can now offer enhanced support for cryptocurrency wallets thanks to this integration.

SIWE allows for secure user sign ins and authentication of Ethereum account and ENS domains. It does not give out private identifiers such as names or residential addresses to third parties. SIWE allows users to sign in securely and authenticate to their Ethereum accounts and ENS domains.

Shopify has faced issues in the past when it comes protecting its customers’ data privacy. In April 2022, dissatisfied customers filed class-action lawsuits against Shopify and Ledger regarding a breach of their user data.

“The statementGenerator prop lets you modify the statement shown when Sign-In with Ethereum messages are presented. The paper states that “the function receives the address of the linked wallet, which allows you to modify your message statements to be more in line with your brand.”

This stage is where a merchant connects the SIWE feature of Shopify wallet connection. Users will then be able to click a button “sign-in to Ethereum” to connect their addresses to SIWE’s partnered intermediaries, such as Fortmatic and WalletConnect. Once the SIWE feature has been connected to Shopify wallet, users will be able do this.



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