Simplify Asset Management Unveiled Bitcoin Strategy-related ETFs

Simplify Asset Management, an investment advisor registered, will be closing its doors on September 30. announced the official launch of the Bitcoin Strategy ETF dubbed the “Simplify Bitcoin Strategy PLUS Income ETF” with the code “MAXI”.

Simplify Asset Management’s ETFs are managed by $1.4 billion. The MAXI Fund, which is listed on Nasdaq, charges a management charge of 0.97%.

The Simplified Bitcoin Strategy Risk Management Yield ETF doesn’t hold any cryptocurrency but only the price of crypto futures. It has three strategies to generate yield: a Bitcoin Futures strategy, a yield strategy and an option stacking technique.

MAXI seeks capital gain and income by providing Bitcoin exposure for investors while also generating income through the sale of short-term call or put spreads on global stock indexes that are most liquid.

The April report stated that the asset management firm applied for a bitcoin strategy ETF at the SEC.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has approved the third U.S. bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) product, which tracks futures prices for the world’s largest crypto asset. Teucrium joins ProShares (approved last year) and VanEck (approved last year) to list futures-based ETFs. There will be more Bitcoin ETF products on the market.

In late September, BlackRockNew York-based US multi-national investment company,, launched an ETF (exchange-traded funds) to expand its crypto services. Blockchain and crypto companies to its European customers.

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