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A close-to-being agreement between Chainlink Labs and StarkWare, a blockchain scaling technology company, will see the addition of Oracle services and data feeds to StarkNet’s ecosystem. This relationship will be established soon.

StarkWare will participate in Chainlink’s Scale programme. Chainlink will also provide the price feeds to StarkNet’s testnet. StarkNet tokens may also be used for operating costs of Chainlink oracles nodes. Starket developers will have access to Chainlink data feeds and oracle services via StarkNet tokens.

Chainlink is a distributed oracle network that allows smart contracts to securely access off-chain data sources, APIs and payment systems. It makes it possible that smart contracts can interact with data and events occurring in the real-world, which then makes it possible that they can be triggered from data that comes from outside sources.

The network uses decentralised nodes that are responsible for delivering smart contracts using data that is reliable and secure. In ExchangeThese nodes are rewarded in Chainlink’s native LINK currency. Before being sent to smart contract smart contracts, the data supplied by node operator has been verified and calculated by these node operators. This confirms that the data is correct and can be trusted.

StarWare has released a statement saying that a framework between Chainlink (StarkNet) and Chainlink has been created. StarkNet developers are expected to benefit from the integration, which will allow them to develop smart contract applications that are more secure, efficient, and sophisticated.

Oracles are an integral part of the system. Because of their flexibility, they can be used in many applications. A large number of applications require knowledge about NFTs and the current value of assets. Because of their functionality, Oracles are often compared with extensive toolkits.



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