Exploring the Blockchain – A Beginner’s Guide to Using Block Explorers

A blockchain is a digital record that records transactions. This is primarily used to store transaction records for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Blocks, a database of records, are often praised for their transparency and immutability. What does this mean? You must first learn how to use a block examiner to analyze a transaction […]

Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Cryptocurrencies

Virtually everyone is familiar with cryptocurrency and how they work in the real world. But not all cryptocurrencies are created equal.  Some of them are called tokens while others are altcoins. While some offer benefits, others are intended for charitable purposes. We will be discussing these currencies in greater detail in this article.    The […]

Bitcoin Comprehensive Guide

Are you new to Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies in general? Scroll down to find some resources and guides that will help you get started with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.    So What’s the Bitcoin?  Bitcoin is a new digital currency. You can store, exchange, and pay with it just like any other money. Bitcoin is unique […]

What is Rug Pull in Crypto and How to Avoid?

What is a rug pull in crypto?  A rug pull is a crypto scam where developers lure investors, but pull out funds before the project is completed. This leaves investors with worthless assets.  Rug pulls occur when fraudulent developers create new crypto tokens, increase their prices and then extract as much value as they can […]

How to Send and Receive Bitcoin Safely?

Receiving Bitcoin   By simply providing the Bitcoin address to the sender, you can receive Bitcoin from anyone. The Bitcoin address can be found in your Bitcoin wallet.  Open your Bitcoin wallet to find your Bitcoin address, regardless of whether it’s an app or a centralized cryptocurrency exchange. Each Bitcoin wallet is different but your […]

Crypto Staking Guide

Although most crypto investors start their journey buying and trading coins on a central exchange, advanced investors and users quickly discover that crypto staking can be one of the best ways to accumulate cryptocurrencies.  The passive income method of crypto staking is often called “staking”. It can be daunting to learn about a new concept in […]

How Can You Create a Bitcoin Wallet Account?

It is as simple as installing software on your smartphone or laptop/desktop to create a Bitcoin wallet. Your Bitcoin wallet will be automatically created when you install the app. The app will instantly send bitcoin to your wallet. You can store it safely and then use it as you wish.  Which Bitcoin Wallet Should You […]

How to Invest in Crypto Currency and What to Consider Before Investing?

As an investment asset, cryptocurrency has become mainstream. Many people find it difficult to understand the technology behind cryptocurrency. The value of cryptocurrency has risen beyond expectations over the past decade.  This beginner guide will show you how to invest in crypto currency, and the value of the crypto currency, if you decide that it […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Blockchain Technology

This article introduces Blockchain Technology to Beginners without any technical knowledge. This article explains what Blockchain Technology is, rather than explaining why I should care.  It can be confusing to use the term “blockchain technology” for different things. They may be referring to The Bitcoin Blockchain, The Ethereum Blockchain, other virtual currencies, digital tokens, or […]