What Are The Differences Among Web 1.0, Web 2.0, and Web 3.0?

The digital age’s vocabulary is singular, with a variety of confusing buzzwords and abbreviations.  These terms are part of our daily vocabulary, even though we may not understand their meaning. The terms “Web” or “Internet” can be used in different ways. They are often used interchangeably, however, by the majority of people.  This article will […]

Introduction to Web3 Technology

An Insight Into Web3 Technology If you’re still avoiding the Web3 craze, I can tell you that you are unintentionally leaving behind thousands of others who are at the forefront of the new Internet. You are giving away a golden treasure that is as big as Web 3.0 because you don’t have the time to solve […]

What Is Web 3 Exactly and Why Should You Care?

Since Web3 emerged in 2014 as a term to describe the latest Internet technology that enables decentralized consensus, it leverages machine learning, artificial intelligence, and blockchain to achieve real-world human communication. It has now come to describe an entire ecosystem of public blockchains, applications, and even design philosophies. The icing on the cake is that […]