Top 6 Sites You Need To Know for Airdrops

What is the cryptocurrency airdrop anyway? 

An airdrop is a free distribution of tokens by a cryptocurrency company to its users to increase awareness and as part of a larger marketing strategy. 

Airdrops, or “airdrops”, as some refer to them, are always free and do not require prior deposits. Eligible users can get airdrop tokens. They can either receive fungible tokens (NFTs), or they may be given non-fungible tokens. This depends on the crypto project that is involved in the airdrop. 

All airdrops come with no strings attached. Some projects, however, require interaction from interested users to be eligible for free airdrops. This could include promoting the project via social media or referring more people to the project. 

Are you interested in Airdrops? This is what we will show you. We’ve compiled a list of the best crypto airdrops sites that may be of use to you. Let’s dig in 


The top 6 Airdrop Websites 



AirDropAlert has been referred to as the authoritative source on airdrops and bounties within the blockchain space. AirDropAlert was created in 2017 to address the lack of reliable information about how to obtain free crypto airdrops. 

AirDropAlert offers a large number of expired and ongoing airdrops, in an intuitive layout with helpful filter options. AirDropAlert provides access to a vast knowledge base as well as an informative blog section that is packed with valuable information. AirDropAlert allows users to create an account and follow interesting airdrops, as well as receive notifications about any new listings.   

AirDropAlert also offers a complete package for companies who wish to host an airdrop. This includes promotion and marketing support. 

2., a free crypto airdrop aggregator, provides an up-to-date list of all the most recent airdrop campaigns and is completely free to use. The platform provides information about how to claim the airdrop and what requirements are required (for instance, some airdrops can only be claimed by holders of certain tokens). occasionally manages special airdrops that are only available to followers of its social media channel. is a great option for airdrop hunters and one of the most comprehensive airdrop aggregators. 



Many airdrops on the market are scams and fake. Many of these airdrops are scams and not worth the effort. It takes a lot of time to filter these airdrops. 

Airdrop king is the best and most reliable platform to get rid of hustle. The platform offers users access to the most reliable and well-researched airdrops on the market. Users can get rewarded and make money from them quickly and easily. Each airdrop is rated on the website and instructions are provided to make it as simple as possible for users. 



AirdropsMob, one of the oldest websites relating to crypto airdrops, features a large selection of manually curated and updated airdrops. You can filter projects by various parameters, such as name, and rating, if it is listed on CoinCodex. You can also sort airdrops by platform and requirements. 

If the project is being reviewed by the ICO rating system, airdrops can be given a tag. This can be extremely useful. You can also categorize ongoing and future airdrops on the platform by their participation difficulty. 



This is the best and easiest airdrop platform to date. This platform is great for beginners and experts alike. To verify the authenticity of airdrops, it only displays valid projects. 

This website provides a comprehensive listing of airdrops and their future price forecasts, depending on various factors. The platform is only available 24 hours a day for users to use. Their website layout is appealing and easy to use for beginners.   

This site is perfect for anyone who is new to airdrops and wants to earn rewards. To receive the most recent news straight to your inbox, you can subscribe to their newsletter. 



AirDropBob is a well-designed platform that allows you to keep track of crypto airdrops, and search for them with more advanced filters. You can, for example, only search for active airdrops on Ethereum. 

AirDropBob was launched in 2018 and has already listed hundreds of airdrops. The AirDropBob team verifies large amounts of airdrops on the site. You can search for the “Verified Tag” tag to find these types of projects. The platform also offers a calendar feature that allows users to set up personal airdrop alerts. 


One Extra 

DeFiLlama now has an Airdrop page that airdrop farmers can use for identifying potential airdrops using protocols. 

It lists projects that have not yet implemented a native token. This makes them potential candidates for an airdrop. 


Fund Safety! Fund Safety! Fund Safety! 

Airdrops are always free. You should not be asked to send any money in exchange for tokens. You should also be cautious about airdrop campaigns asking you to give sensitive personal information or recover phrases of your crypto wallet. For more about Crypto Security please check this guide. 



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