Unstoppable Domains Partners with Fantom to Make Crypto Transactions Easier

Unstoppable Domains and Fantom have teamed up to eliminate common pain points in cryptos such as misunderstanding, fear, and trepidation.

Fantom is a layer-1 Blockchain platform and expects that the strategic partnership will result in a frictionless and unified cryptocurrency ecosystem. The following is the announcement:

“Unstoppable Domains will support the Fantom network, and allow Fantom’s more than 3.5 million users to benefit from the simplified movement of digital assets via human-readable wallet addresses.”

Unstoppable Domains is the top platform for Web3 Digital Identity. Their NFT domains serve as a payment hub that includes human-readable addresses.


The partnership will allow Fantom to benefit from crypto transactions that are simpler, user verification and identity ownership. 


Michael Kong, Fantom CEO, noted:

“Unstoppable Domains has been at the forefront of decentralized domains for years, and is a pioneer in the Web3 space. We are thrilled to work alongside Unstoppable Domains to bring these domain names to the Fantom Network, and to further simplify the movement of digital assets for our users.”

Sandy Carter, SVP of Unstoppable Domains and channel chief, said:

“The number of use cases for NFT domains continues to grow. We are excited to work with Fantom Foundation to help improve crypto payments, and bolster the wider Web3 landscape.”

Fantom recently added automatic audits to its network. Applications decentralized (dApps).


Unstoppable Domains has recently made it easier for users to buy cryptocurrencies via MoonPay. Blockchain.News reported. 


MoonPay and Unstoppable Domains have partnered to solve the problem of lost crypto funds that were sent to wrong addresses. It is almost impossible to recover. This collaboration also aims to make it easier for mass users to join the Web3.0 area.

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