[UPDATED] The Next Major DeFi Projects of 2022

What's Next For The Major DeFi Projects?

Updated Weekly (As of 8/1/2022)
ProjectMajor Roadmap DetailsExpected TimelineLast UpdatedOther Sources
AaveLaunch GHO stablecoin
- Collateral-backed stablecoin, pegged to USD
1st governance vote passed.
More to come soon.
THORChainProposed Features & Their Effect on Three Pillars of Scalability:
- Lite Nodes (Nodes are expensive, but Lite Nodes will lower amount of Rune needed to contribute bonded RUNE to the network and profit without being a validator).
- Multi-sig Wallet (DAOs and institutions can provide liquidity together, make swaps, or hold RUNE in their wallet).
- Single sided asset yield (Currently, providing Layer 1 (L1) assets paired with RUNE is the only way to provide liquidity on THORChain.)
- DEX Aggregation (bring a large amount of volume, fees, and more liquidity to THORChain.)
- More chain integrations (Avalanche, Dash, Monero etc).
- Integrations with more wallets and DEXs utilizing THORChain
- Orderbook (to enable limit orders).
- THORfi stablecoin (a unit of account for debt, pegged to the purchasing power of USD stablecoins).
SynapseSynapse V2
- Synapse chain (Ethereum-based optimistic rollup) atop Synapse’s generic cross-chain messaging system.
- Optimistic verification, a network of off-chain actors coordinate to flag malicious transactions during a latency window.
- Delegated Proof of Stake (PoS): bond and stake SYN to receive transaction fees.
‘public testnet in a few weeks with a mainnet release following shortly after’7/31/2022
Synthetix1. Synthetix Futures Pers V2 (with 20% of SNX inflation for rewards)
2. Synthetix V3 (Create synthetic assets freely, veSNX gauges & time locking, differentiated debt pool etc.)
Q3-4 of 2022. More details coming out soon.7/26/2022
ChainlinkChainlink Economics 2.0:
- LINK staking
Q3 or Q4 of 2022
UniswapNo roadmap shared7/25/2022
MakerThe Endgame Plan consists of:
- Pregame: EtherDai (ETH backed by staked ETH), Elexir I (Balance pool of DAI,ETHD and MKR), MetaDAO tokens (a subsection of MakerDAO each governed by their own token), Meta Elixir I (MetaDAO token liquidity against MKR), Rainbow Tokenomics (allowing all MetaDAOs to coexist and introduces continuous MKR issuance of 50k MKR per year) and much more.
- Early game: MANO I (Maker Node Network with $MANO token), Maker Teleport (L2 bridge), Multichain Dai Savings Rate etc.
- Midgame: Elixir II, Synthetic assets, Singularity Engine II
- Endgame: MANO II, Ultimate Oracle, Singlarity Engine III
Endgame Plan Launch within 12 months7/25/2022
The GraphMigrating from Hosted Services to a fully decentralized networkIn process. End of Q1 20237/25/2022
Shiba InuCreating their own DeFi and Metaverse ecosystem:
- Layer 2 called Shibarium
- Stablecoin $SHI
- Shibaswap 2.0: display news, trends, and further information about the Shiba ecosystem.
LoopringQ2 Report should include
- zkEVM
- Loopring Earn
Timeline to come out soon7/25/2022
PancakeswapV2 tokenomics
- Max CAKE cap of 750M (Implemented)
- Staking: Weight voting for rewards (vCAKE)
- Staking: Boosting farm yields (bCAKE)
- Staking: Boosted IFO benefits (iCAKE) (Implemented)
Currently implementing. Pancakeswap does not announce exact dates.7/25/2022
Lido1. stETH launching on L2s
2.1. Adopt Distributed Validator Technology (decentralize ETH staking)
2.2. Create additional checks & balances on Lido governances, which includes stETH holder veto
1.1 'Soon'
2. Gradually, but no exact dates
7/25/2022Roadmap blog post
CurveLaunch of Curve stablecoin crvUSD. Not much official details available.Soon7/25/2022
ConvexThe latest roadmap info:
- Continued expansion of new Curve pools
- Support for boosted pools on side-chains / L2’s!
- Further expansion of the Frax ecosystem
- Frax gauge-weight voting for vlCVX holders
Continuous deployment7/25/2022
Frax financeFraxlend: lending platform that allows anyone to create a market between a pair of ERC-20 tokens.Currently being build. We're so close. Expected in a few weeks7/25/2022
Compound finance1. Launch of Compound III (with single borrowable asset and others as collateral)
2. Multi-chain strategy to deploy on other chains.
Deployed on testnet. Mainnet to be live by7/26/20221. Governance post
2. On Multichain-strategy
1inch'All developments come as a surprise to the users’7/25/2022
OlympusDAO1. Designate Balancer as the platform to host the majority of Olympus’ Protocol Owned Liquidity in an OHM-DAI-ETH pool.
2. Deploy the new system of Permissionless Olympus Pro contracts as an independent entity rebranded to Bond Protocol.
1. DAO vote passed. Implementated in 2-4 weeks
2. Implementation in progress
7/25/2022Blog post
Osmosis- Concentrated liquidity
- Limit orders
- Lending/margin via Mars protocol
- WosmoNFT for on-chain identities
Nexus MutualNexus V2: on-chain risk marketplace
- Allows for syndicates (who manage underwriting capital) to be built on top of the mutual’s infrastructure.
- Delegates staking
- Cover policies as NFTs
'Coming soon’7/25/2022V2 Presentation
SushiSushi 2.0
- Trident(Only launched on Polygon & Optimism)
- Furo: a money lego protocol built on top of the BentoBox (launched).
- Inari: tool for people to ape into known strategies (Live)
- Shōyu: NFT marketplace
- Updating Sushi interface
- SushiXSwap: Crosschain DEX based on Stargate
1. Shōyuto to be launched soon
2. Launched 21st of July
GMX1. Support synthetic assets: any asset with a Chainlink oracle price feed could be traded on GMX.
2. X4 Protocol Controlled Exchange: setting dynamic fees for liquidity pools, greater composability, DEX aggregation, GMX swap with more tokens and better rates.
3. PvP AMM: matches traders against each other while optionally allowing liquidity providers to participate by created a new GD token.
1. Priority for synthetic assets. Modeling done. Working on contract implementation.
2. X4 and PvP AMM comes after
7/25/2022More on X4 and PvP AMM
dYdXLaunching v4 with its own dYdX chain
'Will require months of heads down development, but planning to open source by the end of 2022’7/25/2022
Rocket PoolTo scale Rocket Pool is planning:
- Less $ETH bonded minipools reducing collateral requirement from 16 ETH to as low as 4 ETH
- Staking as a Service for institutions etc.
- Integrate solo staker migration
No exact dates.

Though solo staker migration will come with Capella (the hardfork after the Merge that enables withdrawals) around Q2 2023
Saas will come 'earlier'
Yearn financeYearn V3
- Phase 1: alpha version: (expected mid July)
- Phase 2: beta version: vaults limited to 20M, veYFI (similar to the ve-style of Curve)
- Phase 3: stable version: open version, code is immutable and won't have guardrails
- Phase 1: (expected mid July)
- Phase 2: (expected mid Aug)
- Phase 3: (expected mid Sept)
7/25/20221. Timeline and details
2. For veYFI can check code deployment as it happens
KyberNetworkLaunched KyberSwap Elastic:
- Customizable Concentrated Liquidity
- 5 Fee Tiers: 0.008%, 0.01%, 0.04%, 0.3% and 1%.
- Auto-Compounding of Fees
- New Farming Mechanisms according to active liquidity contribution + trade volume supported
Launched early July7/25/2022
Ren1. Decentralization on RenChain as it is currently mostly centralized
2. Launch Catalog, the Metaversal exchange built on Ren Blockchain. The vision is to create the most secure cross-chain DEX with built-in liquidity mechanisms and CEX-like features for users to easily swap assets across the most popular blockchains.
1. Gradually but no exact dates
2. 'Phase 1 Private Beta is July-August, and September for Boundless Liquidity.' Public launch around Q4 2022
7/25/2022Community member summary on Discord based on a community call



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