Vietnam to Propel Blockchain Training for Enhanced Competitiveness

Vietnam is stepping up to increase its human resources in the blockchain industry in order gain an edge. according Viet Nam News is the local media outlet.

Phạm Văn Huy, CEO of blockchain company MoonLab, pointed out:

“The scarcity of human resources in this field is completely inevitable in both Việt Nam and internationally.”

He said:

“It is extremely difficult to recruit human resources specializing in this field as Blockchain is still quite new and there are no training programs at universities, colleges, or even information technology centers in the country.”

Vietnamese programmers and engineers have been encouraged to enter the blockchain field as they can switch easily to internet learning and self exploration. 


Vietnam, for example, will be able to meet the market’s needs if it has enough people trained to create smart contracts based on blockchain technology.


Huy Nguyen is the co-founder of KardiaChain Blockchain.

“We need to pay more attention to the deep development rather than just the surface one. If it can solve the problems from the root, Việt Nam can easily meet the needs of the market in the next five to 10 years and help Blockchain become a technology widely used here.”

Nguyen stated that Vietnam must be a Blockchain hub and that staff training should be done from the bottom up. 


Companies, universities, research centers, and other organizations should develop plans to train staff from the ground level. Nguyen stated that:

“There should also be good quality short-term blockchain courses for those who intend to change industries, grasp it in a short time, making the peer-to-peer transition more flexible.” 

Experts in Vietnam have recently stated that increasing awareness of blockchain technology via regulatory frameworks, successful application, education, and regulation would increase adoption.

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