Xternity migrates Solana multiplayer Web3 game for Polygon

Layer 2 software on Ethereum includes scaling enhancements. Polygon partnered with Xternity to help transfer and onboard a multiplayer Web3-based game called Synergy Land from Solana to the Polygon network. Solana was the original person who thought up the idea for Synergy Land. Solana was one of the previous hosts of Synergy Land.

Solana and Polygon have two primary goals when it comes to distributed ledger system. The first is scalability. Both Solana as Polygon work towards the same goal.

Xternity created a method for converting games and projects from one blockchain to the other in order facilitate Synergy Land’s smooth transfer of resources onto the Ethereum Virtual Machine(EVM) chain. This was done to make Synergy Land’s resources easier to transfer. This was done to simplify the process of converting. The first step is likely to be using the tool to move its network.

Users can link their Solana compatible wallets (such as Phantom and MetaMask), and transfer their assets. Once they have done this, the assets will be removed from Solana. The assets can then be recreated on Polygon. This is the recommended method. All of these steps are normal in the process of migrating. This category includes MetaMask, Phantom, and MetaMask wallets.

Synergy Land was converted to Polygon as part of an effort to integrate Web2 users into Web3 without negatively impacting the community that was previously managed by the more advanced blockchain. This is part of an effort that aims to integrate Web2 customers into the Web3 community.

Web3 projects make the switch to EVM most of the time because they want to benefit from the increased user base, greater functionality, and enhanced credibility offered by the Ethereum blockchain.



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